Family Update 3/2/08

Whew, taking a bit of time here to come up for air. Its been really busy lately moving all my domains (and the few I host for friends) on over to another server. Our Cruise Talk Central site continues to grow and the traffic increases. It was just last December that I upgraded to another more capable host because of traffic issues. Things went great for about 2 months, but then I started to run into issues again. Hopefully, with a VPS now, I have enough headroom for a while.

This coming weekend is our fund raising show for our Church’s building fund. Suzanne and the kids, plus a bunch of other dancers from the Alma Dolores International Dance Centre will be performing a show in Sonoita. All proceeds go to the building of our own church building. Currently, we get together in the local fire station. A Mexican dinner is included. We are hoping for about 100 folks to attend.

Sean has started baseball practice once again. That means Mr Papa has been loosening up the old noodle in the yard with him. Boy, as we get older, those muscles we don’t use very often sure let you know when you overwork them. It looks like he will once again be playing catcher this year. He is excited as, with the exception of dance, its been a fairly long off season since football ended in November. I likely will help out again umpiring home games.

Yesterday, Savannah went to the Young Authors convention. It’s an annual gather in Case Grande, AZ for elementary and middle school students who enjoying writing to get together and hear a bunch of authors speak and inspire the kids. Its an all day event as we had to get Savannah to the school at 5:30 am for the almost two hour bus ride. It was 6:00 pm when we finally picked her back up at the school. She really enjoyed it. She been chosen to go the convention twice now, as has Sean.

We are getting closer to booking our cruise for this fall. As detailed in a previous post, we have decided to do a transatlantic from Barcelona, Spain. We have all but decided on the Celebrity itinerary that will take us to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I would expect we will book the cruise in the next two weeks. Any family takers out there to go with us?

I think we will also be picking up a new bed in the next couple of weeks. We got our current mattress set way back in 1994, so it doesn’t owe us any money. We have decided that we are going to get a Sleep Number Bed from Select Comfort. These beds are quite expensive compared to regular spring mattresses, but I think the additional comfort and durability will be worth the difference. We haven’t decided which model yet.

I thought I read several places that income taxes were supposed to be seriously delayed this year. I was figuring on a long wait based on those reports. To my surprise, both the state and federal returns showed up as deposits last week. The return time was somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks. That seems to be about the same as previous years.

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