Family Update 3/26/07

It sure has gotten busy around here lately. I sure wish I had some time to take a little bit of a vacation, but alas…

Sean and Savannah are on spring break vacation this week. They don’t have any big plans except to have some friends over and go visit some friends. I am also sure they will get in plenty of Xbox 360 this week too. Savannah is totally hooked on the Viva Pinata game. Sean will play just about anything. While I cannot take the week off like I would like to, I hope to get away from work a bit to spend some time with them. This Friday is an off Friday for me, so that will help.

The kids are back into full swing at the dance studio. They are busy preparing for their Spring Recital and fine tuning their dances for the Showstopper National Dance Competitions this summer. As of right now, I won’t be going, but that could change. Suzanne is also teaching a dance class this year. Well, almost a dance class. She is actually the pom pom instructor at the dance studio now. Her small stipend will help offset the family dance bill there.

Sean has signed up for baseball season once again. We have been getting out on the weekends throwing the ball around getting him ready. With the days finally starting to get longer, we may be able to get in an evening or two during the week too. I am able to notice a big difference in his catching/throwing ability from last year. As a catcher, I think he will need it this year as the teams will finally start trying to steal bases.

You may remember that we purchased an elliptical trainer to help in our health endeavors. We attempted to put it together this weekend, but failed. Actually, we got it together and it works fine, but the electronics won’t come on which means it’s just set at the highest resistance level which makes for a very challenging workout. We have tried several batteries and such (dang power cord is an option and not included) but just can’t seem to get it to come on. Suzanne was supposed to get with their help desk today as the electronics unit may be defective. She was already at dance when I got home, so I haven’t heard how that effort turned out.

After a few days with my new Logitech Harmony 1000 remote control, I am loving it. Still haven’t had a chance to customize it yet, but looking forward to some of that fun soon. Still putting the finishing touches on getting the computer back 100% operational from that fiasco. After resetting all the data backups and such tonight, I think I will be finished except for the occasional “oh yeah” glitches I will find over time.

The weather here in Arizona has been fantastic. Gets into the low 80’s during the day and drops into the 40’s at night. One of the best times of the year. We will have to enjoy it though, as by the end of April the thermometer will be pushing the upper 90’s. Luckily, here in our mountain perch, we are a good 10 degrees cooler than the Tucson valley.


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