Finally Adding Tags

I have finally given and am gonna start tagging my blog posts. It’s not so much that I have resisted doing the tagging thing, its just that I didnt really understand the benefit of doing it versus categories. I had specifically chosen a small number of categories for filing my posts under. I also didnt want to have a huge lists of items on the right hand sidebar. Unfortunately, the small number of categories has made searching the site not as efficient. One gets too many posts for a category. As I understand it, tags is just another word for keyword.

I am still not sure I fully understand the benefit of tags, maybe someone can better explain it to me. I see the site benefiting as a better organization of searchable data/posts. In addition, the tags are an effective way to communicate content to other sites that ping my site when I post. It should allow folks to also dig deeper into the content on this site.

So, you should now see a “Read More” row under the post title with a list of tags for the post. If you click on one of the tags, you will be shown other posts that were tagged similarily. At least for now, I plan to keep the categories too.

Now the question is what to do about all the old posts? Do I go back and add tags to them? That could be tiresome and tedious. I guess the worst that would happen is that you cant get tag references to them and the “Read More” will say none. Also, I have to be careful when tagging or I will end up with a bunch of posts with the same categories and tags (like this one).

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