Finally Taken the MP3 Plunge

I consider myself a techno geek. I like to have all the new toys and am an early adopter for electronics. However, until yesterday, I had not acquired an MP3 player. I never really could explain why I didnt have one, but I just didnt. I have been a user of Rhapsody as a music library, so I had access to all the music I wanted to listen to at work or on my computer, it just wasnt portable.

Well, as of yesterday, that has changed. I ordered my first MP3 player. Both of my kids have Ipods, but I didnt want to be tied to Apple nor do I envision purchasing a whole bunch of songs/albums. I like the idea of an entire inventory of music that I can listen to and the Rhapsody On the Go program allows me to do that. The only drawback is that if I leave the service, I lose all the music. The extra $5 a month seems pretty minor too. If I were to use ITunes, I have no doubt I would easily exceed that amount in purchases.

The MP3 player I purchased is the IRiver H10 5GM model. It looks sharp, gets nice reviews and didnt break the bank at about $229 including a free (I am sure I will get what I paid for) set of headphones in addition to the earplugs. It should arrive soon. I will post back on my impressions once I begin to use it.

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