IRiver MP3 Player

Finally figured out how to get my new mp3 player working. It’s been a frustrating week or so. I initially thought it was a problem with my damn satellite connection cause I was getting other proxy errors in Rhapsody. I thought it might be interfering with the DRMA junk. I tried waiting for the new […]

New MP3 Player

I finally received the new MP3 player on Tuesday. If you remember, I ordered the IRiver H10. It is a really nice player and works like a champ. Unfortunately, my Rhapsody to Go is not functioning correctly. I have used Rhapsody for quite a while to listen to music at work. Due to security constraints […]

Finally Taken the MP3 Plunge

I consider myself a techno geek. I like to have all the new toys and am an early adopter for electronics. However, until yesterday, I had not acquired an MP3 player. I never really could explain why I didnt have one, but I just didnt. I have been a user of Rhapsody as a music […]