Football and Cheerleading Update

The kids are a couple of weeks into the new football and cheerleading season.

Sean is again playing in the Mighty Mite division of youth football. The age group for that division is 8 – 10. The team is practicing 3 nights a week and occasionally throws in an odd day here and there. Savannah has cheerleading the same nights because Suzanne is again the cheer coach and its more convenient for Sean and Savannah to practice at the same time. Savannah still has dance class four nights a week and Sean has it two or three. So, the kids are very busy. In fact, Suzanne and the kids dont get home at night before 8:00 pm during the week.

Last weekend, Sean’s team had a football clinic with the local semi-pro football team. It was a good chance for the kids to get a few pointers from folks that have played the game a long time (though probably way past their prime). As it was an all day camp, Sean came how absolutely bushed.

It looks like Sean is going to play both ways again this year. On defense, he is being slated to play linebacker. He is really excited about this because his favorite part of the game is tackling. He has a pretty good sense for the game since he has watched the NFL since about age 4. Hopefully, he can translate that into actual play this year. Last year, he played defensive end and had a mess of tackles. On offense, it looks like Sean is going to play fullback. It sounds strange but he is looking forward to this because he can hit people as the lead blocker. An occasional carry of the football when a few yards is needed has him excited.

First game of the season for the football team and cheer team is in early September.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Busy, busy, busy–but a lot of fun and exercise at the same time!

    Good luck to all of you in keeping your schedule straight!


  2. Yeah Savannah! Go team! Rah, Rah. I bet you’re the best cheerleader on the squad

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