Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all! What a great holiday and even nicer when it falls near a weekend enabling a long weekend!

Its been a whirlwind time lately as I was on business travel last Thur and Fri and then again Mon, Tue and Wed of this week. So, its been a while since I have been in the office. Sometimes, it does one good to get out for a while. Now, I just need to get out on a vacation!

Tonight was the Cinderalla’s Talent Show in Sierra Vista. I am not really sure what that is all about, but Savannah’s dance instructor is pretty active in the town civics and asked Savannah and few other girls from the dance studio to enter the talent competition. So off we went into the humidity. Yes, its getting humid here. I think monsoon has arrived as its been raining too! Savannah did her belly dance routine and did well finishing in a tie for fourth place. 1st and 2nd place went to singers and 3rd place went to another dancer from the studio.

Tomorrow, I will be cooking up a big ole pot of Jambalaya in the backyard. For Fathers Day, I got a big gas burner (runs off propane) for outdoor cooking, boiling, frying, etc. I also got a 20″ paella pan and a 10 gallon cast iron pot. Last weekend we did the paella with some neighbors that was out of this World. We took some photos to upload, but I can’t find where Suzanne put them, so perhaps she can upload them later. Tomorrow its time for the Jambalaya. Its a whole lot of fun as we just form a circle of chairs around the cooker in the backyard and enjoy the time together. Last week was kind of cool and I can only hope that holds true for tomorrow. Hopefully, some more neighbors will stop on by too!

We are getting closer to nailing down a place to stay in Rome. It looks like it will be an apartment just like in Barcelona last year. We just have to find the right one. We spent a couple hours last night reviewing apartments of for cost, location and amenities. It helps having a laptop that we can hook into our 62″ HDTV to display the info so we can all see it. Of course, we don’t all agree on the best place to stay. I think we have it narrowed down to a final three locations. Perhaps this weekend we can finalize it.

I hope you enjoy the 4th of July with your loved ones. God Bless the USA!!!


  1. Sounds like a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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