Going to Try New Diet

Suzanne has convinced me to try a new diet. I have never been one to fare well with diets that limit have you eat specific foods at certain times or severely limit your caloric intake. Unfortunately, I have been overweight most of my life.

About two years ago, I lost about 50 pounds when I did an Atkins like low carb diet. It was perfect for me. I never went hungry and got to eat lots of meat. I really thought giving up the bread, pasta, potatoes and such would be hard, but after the first couple of weeks it just became second nature. After losing the 50 lbs, I went into a maintenance mode and was able to keep that weight off for about 18 months until one of our cruises. I have tended to not gain weight on cruises, but I put 10 lbs back on during that cruise and have pretty much stayed the same since.

The issue is that the low carb diet has had me plateaued for about those two years and I dont seem to be able to go any farther. I really want to get those 10 lbs off and then lose the rest of the weight that I still had wanted to drop when I started a couple years back.

Suzanne knows several and has read about lots of folks that have lost weight with this NutriSystem program. I am kind of leary of it because most of its prepared food that you buy and only eat certain types at certain times. One has to worry about being hungry often. The cost of pre-packaged food also tends to be on the high side. On the plus side, it is somewhat related to low carb in that it uses some glycemic index trying to control the sugars and bad carbs. I will also probably miss my time in the kitchen as I wont get to cook as often.

Two big boxes of food arrived today that she has ordered. I am afraid to look at the cost, but the new effort is about to begin. I will post updates as we go through the ordeal here.

On top of this new diet, I need to really make an effort to work out more. With kids and work, the time constraints are hard though. Its not much of a life to spend any free time working out. The key is going to be finding a happy medium. We have set up a pretty good workout setup in the garage. We moved the old 36″ TV out there with one of the old Xbox systems so we can have music or watch DVDs. It also works well for the Maya Youself Fitness program on the Xbox. I have moved the treadmill out there and the bowflex is set up and raring to go. All this fits into the far end of the garage in the single car entrace part. That still leaves us a two car garage for us to park the Volvo and Mercedes in.

Oh well, time to go unpack those boxes and see what I am going to be eating for the next four weeks. Suzanne will also be doing the diet.


  1. Maybe if you use the Treadmill while playing X-box, you might have better results!!!

  2. You guys get an A for effort.

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