Halloween and NutriSystem Update

Our little rural community of Sonoita celebrated Halloween this weekend. Living in the country, there is no real way for the kids to trick or treat. They might walk two miles and only visit 4 houses.� Instead, the community gets together at the county fairgrounds and holds a Halloween carnival.

The chamber of commerce sponsors the event. They have booths set up for the kids to visit to simulate trick or treating. Local residents bring candy to hand out to the kids also. In addition, they supply hot dogs and snacks for anyone who attends.

The local volunteer fire department set up a haunted house for the kids to go through. It was a big hit! :devil: There was also a cake walk which is a lot like musical chairs except you walk around and have to end up on a pumpkin tile on the floor. A number is randomly drawn and the person is removed from the game. The last person in the game gets a cake. Sean was able to win once. His cake was actually six cupcakes. Savannah never did win despite trying many, many times. She had lots of fun trying. There was also a sack race. Sean did very well in the sack race. The only person who could beat him was a girl that was just out of this world. She is the same age as Sean and I think he kinda likes her which was why he was trying so hard. Or was he letting her win? :wub:

The whole family, except for Mr Papa, was dressed in a costume. Savannah went as a Geisha girl. Sean had a unique costume as he was dressed up as a football player riding on the back of Frankenstein. Suzanne’s was a bit wimply, but at least she dressed up. She was a flamenco dancer. Nobody in the family won any of the costume contests.

The festivities lasted for us for about 2.5 hours though it was still going when we left. A lot of the town attended and fun was had by all.

On the NutriSystem front, I finally weighed myself after my business trip to Germany. I wasn’t expecting good news and I didn’t get any.� Actually, it might have been better than I was expecting. On the trip, and the bit of a cheat week after, I gained five pounds. That means I am still down 13 pounds. I so enjoyed the German Beer while on the trip, that I picked up some more for the past weekend. I am back at this week and suspect I will be able to lose those five pounds this week to get back to where I was at.

My aggressive goal is to be down 25 lb by the time of the cruise at Thanksgiving and then to hold that weight for the cruise. That should be doable as I have done it before.


  1. Sounds like fun. Since I do not like Halloween or dressing in costume, the most I do is wear pumpkin jewelry.

  2. Sounds like everyone had a great time. I dressed up as a witch this year. I thought that was rather appropriate. Unfortunately, I did not receive a single trick-or-treater this year. I miss seeing the great costumes.

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