Hard At Work

Sorry for the lack of activity here at Mr Papa’s World the past few days.

After the wonderful Thanksgiving Mexico cruise, I am hard at work trying to get some photos ready for upload. Suzanne is cleaning them up and I am readying them for upload. If all goes well, I should have them uploaded this weekend, though it may take a while longer to get them all captioned.

In addition, I am hard at work on another Klasen Genealogy update. While on the cruise, close to a dozen folks contacted me with questions and/or info about the data on my genealogy page. Some wondered how we were related, some wondered about my information, some provided some minor corrections and others provided me with additional information. Any new info has to be checked the best that I can for accuracy. I should have this update online this weekend also.

In addition, around the first of the year, I am trying to launch a community website for my rural little town of Sonoita, AZ. The site development is also consuming my time. I dont know how many of many neighbors will visit and contribute to the site, but I am gonna try it.

Whats going on with the family? Well, everyone is resting up from the recent cruise. While a lot of fun and very enjoyable, it was a lot of work and tiring. That’s one reason why we like sea days better than port days. Suzanne and the kids have their Christmas dance recital next weekend, so that should be fun. Sean competed in a school Vocabulary Bee today and won. So, now he takes a written test and could qualify to go to the State finals. He also recently won the school Geography Bee and will compete at the next level (cant remember if thats county or state). I never knew they had so many Bees.

Tomorrow is my last day at work until Jan 2, so I should have a bunch more free time. Hooah!

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