I’m In Love With Frankenmuth and Bronner’s

What a great day we had in Frankenmuth, Michigan. First, we visited the World’s Largest Christmas Market, Bronner’s! I have been bugging Mr. Papa to get an artificial tree for safety reasons for years. Our real trees are beautiful for about a week, and then no matter how careful I am to water the tree every day, the quickly become dangerously dry in the desert climate.

Bronners was the perfect place to seek out a new tree and all the decorations needed for it. The whole place is as big, if not bigger than a football field. They not only have every kind of novelty decoration you could think of, but lots of example trees decorated to give customers plenty of ideas for theme trees.

Mr. Papa looked around and found lots of decorated trees that he liked. The tree departments was full of lots of realistic pre-lit and un-lit artificial trees in sizes ranging from a few feet to over 14 feet. The trees seemed to be much better quality and more realistic than the ones I priced at Loews and Home Depot last year.

The lady in their tree department was very courteous and helped us to select this tree. Then we found a very nice lady in the decor department who helped us select all the decorations we needed for a theme tree. After checking out every themed tree display in the store, we decided to go with shades of gold. Our selections included many different sizes, shapes, textures and shades of oranaments in golds and brown. We hope we bought enough to fill the tree.

I almost got really panicked as we were adding up the total cost of ornaments, the sales lady hit a multiply key insted of an add and our preliminary price was about three times what I wanted to pay. We readded and I was much relieved at the lower price.

After our wonderful shopping trip to Bronners I celebrated the new tree while Mr. Papa mourned the loss of his hard earned money at Frankenmuth’s famous Bavarian Inn. Most of us had the “all you can eat” chicken dinner.

This wonderful meal includes lots of pieces of lightly battered fried chicken, cole slaw, noodles, soup, mashed potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce, and more!!!’ The Bavarian Inn and the Zehnders Restaurant across the street have been owned by the same family for over 50 years, both specializing in all you can eat chicken dinners.

The Bavarian Inn, however, features traditional Bavarian architecture and even has a German built Glockenspeil in the buildings tower.

The decor even featured a picture of one of our favorite tourist spots in Germany, Rottenburg. The food was fantastic and well worth the 90 minute drive to Frankenmuth. We are still full the next morning. This was my second visit to Frankenmuth,and I hope to return again to this quaint Bavarian village in the heart of Michigan.


  1. Minor point of clarification, but Bronners is the largest Christmas store in the World and fills about 5.5 football fields with the size of its store…

    Its open 361 days a year only being closed on Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. This would be so much fun! Plus all that great ethnic food. A dream come true.

    * Bernard Doddema, Jr.’s lastest post: BSG midseason blues

  3. It is definitely fun, plus being that I travel occasionally to Germany on business, I love the food, though this trip (like most) I went for the Fried Chicken…

    Bronners is really something you have to see to believe… Many childhood memories from this town…

  4. I got all of my purchases home safely. Not a broken ornament. Lots of good memories.

  5. Good deal! Our tree and ornaments should arrive some time next week… I just hope Suzanne doesn’t want to set it up to see what it looks like ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  6. our stuff arrived today… not sure how many hundreds of ornaments we bought, but every single item we ordered arrived in pristine condition…

  7. You need to try the fried chicken at Zender’s restaurant. It’s across the street from Bavarian Inn but food is better (I think). They have wonderful shops in the basement and a bakery.

  8. Oh, I have tried Zenders many times… you are correct, the chicken is fabulous… In fact, that’s normally where we ate during my childhood…

    Not sure if I should mention this, but on one trip as a kid, I ate more than 10 chicken breasts at Zenders in one sitting… Now, I need to stop at 2… oh getting old sucks!

    Having long ago moved from Michigan, its still nice to get to Frankenmuth on the occasional visits back there to see family.

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