Road Warrior

Occasionally, I travel for work. Luckily, its not too often. However, over the next couple of months that’s going to get stretched a bit and I will be travel weary. No problem keeping my Gold (and potentially Platinum) status this year. It all starts around the end of this month with a trip to Tampa […]

I’m In Love With Frankenmuth and Bronner’s

What a great day we had in Frankenmuth, Michigan. First, we visited the World’s Largest Christmas Market, Bronner’s! I have been bugging Mr. Papa to get an artificial tree for safety reasons for years. Our real trees are beautiful for about a week, and then no matter how careful I am to water the tree […]

Business Trip To Germany

If you have been watching my Quick Thoughts updates to the right, then you know I was recently in Germany on a business trip. I really like trips to Germany, but they are still hard on one. This was a pretty quick trip except that we had a weekend stay involved. One of my colleagues […]

Germany Trip Details

A bit more on my recent business trip to Germany… Thanks to some wonderful planning on the part of one of my colleagues, we had a 6:29 AM departure out of Tucson International Airport. Living a good solid hour from the airport, that meant a 3:30 AM wakeup for me. The poor itinerary continued as […]

Back From Germany

Well, I am back from Germany and my business trip. You may have noticed the lack of posting here. I went over there last Saturday for a conference that my company was hosting in Landshut, Germany. Landshut is about 40km North of Munich. During the trip, in fact on the first day, you may have […]

German Engineering – Parking Garage

Since I have travelled a fair number of times to Germany on business, I have always been amazed at some of the engineering things they do over there. Space is very tight and they do a pretty good job of maximizing it. I came across these images the other day of a new parking garage […]