Interesting Weekend

Well, it was another interesting weekend here in the mountains of Arizona not too far from the Mexican border. Some more illegal aliens paid us a visit this weekend. Sean and I were out playing basketball when the dog started barking wildly. We looked over and standing near one of our fences was a young Mexican. He looked like a typical border crosser, all dressed in black and carrying backpacks. He also carried a plasitc milk carton. He just stood there raising and dropping his arms. Occasionally, he would toss the milk carton on the ground. It didnt take much to figure out that he wanted some water. You can never tell whats going to happen with these border crossers though. Some are simply trying to get into the US. Others, though, are drug runners. I just gathered Sean and went inside the house. I figured he would just help himself to some water from the hose.

I called the Border Patrol and asked them to come check this guy out – partly because you just never know and the other cause he looked really young. The kid slowly started to walk away, but kept stopping and looking around. He finally disappeard over one of the hills around the house. About 20 minutes later, a Border Patrol officer showed up and I pointed out to him which direction the illegal had gone and he drove off after him. Some 25 minutes later, the Border Patrol officer drove back over and talked with me. He thanked me for calling them, because it turned out that the border crosser was a 12 year kid that had gotten seperated from his group. He was thirsty and hungry.

Sean and I played hoops for a few more minutes and then headed inside to play some Xbox 360. While playing, the dog suddenly got excited and wanted to go outside. I let her out and she tore off towards the fence line barking wildly. There standing at the fence was two more Mexicans – older ones, but still fairly young. They again gave me the up and down arm motion. I need to figure out exactly what that means. Anyways, they stood there for a minute looking at me and then slowly wandered off.

Thinking they were probably part of the group with the first kid, I called the Border Patrol back and told them more were here and that they were probably searching for the kid. They said they would come back. The Border Patrol station is only 2 or 3 miles from my house. Sean and I went outside to wait for them and show them where the guys had gone. Actually, they were just a few hundred yards away from the house on a hill. While outside waiting, we noticed a farily good side brush fire ensuing. Maybe a mile away, about 100 acres was on fire. More on that later. As the Border Patrol guy drove up, I was starting to show him where the guys were when he spotted them himself. He accelerated his vechicle toward their location. They looked at him and immediately went off at a run trying to get away. The Border Patrol guy drove as far as he could then took off after them on foot. He could be heard yelling into his radio for backup and what he was doing. He yelled at the illegals to stop and I think I heard him yell somthing about finding the kid, but between my five years of Spanish study being 25 years ago and the distance, not sure. The whole group disappeared over a hill.

I assume that he caught them. I am sure other agents came from the other direction the illegals were running to, but it was a couple of hours before the Border Patrol came back and got their vehicle. Interesting run of events. While not commonplace to see border crossers on our property its not that unusual either. We keep the Border Patrol number handy.

Back to the fire… While the chase was going on, Sean and I watched the fire fighting efforts. It was very clear that while consuming a hundred acres, it wasnt a dangerous fire and couldnt spread very far. The area was bounded pretty while by roads and was all fields – not much in the way of fuels. The volunteer fire department was there, the forest rangers were there as was a helicopter that was dropping water, and one airplane that provided eyes from above circling the fire. They appeared to have it out in about an hour. It should be an interesting fire season this year.

So, lots of excitement this weekend in the beautiful mountains of Arizona.


  1. Wow! What excitement. It is a bit scary too. When I was there alone, I never thought about the possibility of illegals being around. I’ll be sure and get the border patrol’s number next time. Keep safe.

  2. Nice Mom… commented on a post that was a year and a half old ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜†


  1. […] The weather is already starting to heat up here in AZ. We got into the 90’s twice last week. And just think, a month ago we had snow on the ground. I hope the early heat isnt a sign of a wickedly hot summer coming our way. Already had one brush fire here in the area. They say its gonna be a very bad fire season in the Southwest this year. […]

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