Coincidence? I Think Not…

Okay, now this is probably old and many may have seen it, but I hadnt and it got a very nice laugh out of me. It’s also political in nature, which I usually avoid blogging about. Anyways, here ya go… Many people will recall that on July 8, 1947, witnesses claim that an unidentified flying […]

Why Gas is So Expensive

I think I have figured out why gas is so expensive these days! Check out the images below from an engineering masterpiece in the Middle Eastern country of Dubai. Here it is during the construction phase: Here is the completed construction effort. Did you notice the palm trees? By the way, remember Dubai is in […]

German Engineering – Parking Garage

Since I have travelled a fair number of times to Germany on business, I have always been amazed at some of the engineering things they do over there. Space is very tight and they do a pretty good job of maximizing it. I came across these images the other day of a new parking garage […]

Southern or Yankee?

Here is an interesting test to see whether you are a Southern folks or a Yankee. Southern / Yankee Test The test uses an interesting word identification method to arrive at an answer. Being born and raised in Michigan I was expecting a resounding Yankee result for myself. I was surpised to see myself with […]

Interesting Weekend

Well, it was another interesting weekend here in the mountains of Arizona not too far from the Mexican border. Some more illegal aliens paid us a visit this weekend. Sean and I were out playing basketball when the dog started barking wildly. We looked over and standing near one of our fences was a young […]

Internet Search for Mr Papa

Holy Wow! I did this internet search on MSN on my name. Check out the results: MSN Search for Steve Klasen Okay, maybe I really do spend too much time on the internet ๐Ÿ˜† You can “search” for yourself using this link: Make your own MSN Search

My Kind of Fishing

Now this is my kind of fishing!! Check out this video. It’s in Spanish, so just watch. Fishing the easy way Sure beats baiting the hook for a fish…