Internet Finally Fixed

Today was a good day! Finally, my internet service appears to be back in solid operation. For the last couple of weeks, our internet connection has been dropping every five or ten minutes. It was only for 30 seconds to a minute, but it was very aggravating.

I have been working with my provider, Sunncast, to get it fixed but without much luck. Finally, tonight, he came over to the house with a network engineer and they were able to troubleshoot and fix the problem. They were concerned because some other subscribers in the area were reporting similar problems. They are planning an expansion but didn’t want to do it until they sorted out these problems.

Turns out that my wireless modem/radio to their stuff was resetting about every five minutes because it couldn’t communicate with the backup IP address for the main system. The IP that was loaded was invalid. How it got the invalid IP is still a mystery, but it appears that those of us with this issue were all installed about the same time, so it may have been an installation error. Even more funky is why did the problem just start coming up?

Anyways, the connection appears rock solid now and I can resume my normal internet life. I haven’t been able to play America’s Army lately because I couldn’t keep the connection constant.

Incidentally, the stupid elliptical trainer still isn’t working. It’s about to go back to Sears in pieces for a refund. Supposedly, they are coming to fix it early next week, but we have heard this twice before. This is all a Nordic Trac problem and nothing to do with Sears.

I am also hard at work on redesigning the Cruise Talk Central site. Traffic there has picked up quite a bit and it’s time to turn it more into a social site than a personal blog site. Hopefully, when I complete the redesign, folks will continue coming and participate in the discussions.

I have a lot of new features planned for the site. I will detail some of them in a future post as well as perhaps post a few snapshots of the work in progress.

Tomorrow, we will spend some time in Bisbee, AZ as Suzanne and the kids are performing some dances as part of the Boys and Girls Club telethon that is going on. While there, we will probably get dinner in the old copper mining town.

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