Lazy Sunday

Today is just another lazy Sunday – I love it! Unfortunately, I did it again last night and stayed up until 2:00 am playing America’s Army. The game is just plain addictive and has cost me countless hours of lost sleep. And I suspect more in the future.

Spending some time on the computer today as I try to put some more touches on Suzanne’s new Cruise Talk blog. It’s taking shape nicely, she just needs to put up some content which she has started doing. If you like cruising, be sure to stop by and visit her site and exchange some cruising thoughts with her.

Also tyring to prepare for the descending of the hordes next week when the family reunion happens. Suzanne, the kids and I are looking forward to it. Good thing we like each other because its going to be tight quarters in the house with twelve of us here. Trying to get the place clean (haha) for the visitors is a challenge. They arrive Saturday afternoon. We are going to get up early Sunday and drive up to the Grand Canyon and do some touristy stuff including dinner at the El Tovar overlooking the canyon followed by a sunset on the East Rim. We will spend the night up there and then come back sometime on Monday.

As busy as I have been at work, that week of the family reunion will be my first vacation of the year. I do need it. Trying to plan a menu out for the get together to has been fun. We should have a few surprises in store for them!

Alright, back to Cruise Talk Central for me…

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