Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 9 – Villefranche, France

Yesterday, we made a port of call in Villefranche, France. It was another tender port since there is no dock for cruise ships. The two primary points of interest in the area are Monaco and Nice. We had chosen to stay in the area and just walk around the quaint little town. Having stayed up […]

Lions Fan Site

With the upcoming NFL season, I need to make a decision about my Detroit Lions fan site. I really like the site and really like talking about my favorite NFL team, the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately, as one can see by looking at the site, I haven’t made a post since late June. This isn’t from […]

Cruise Talk Central Getting Noticed Again

I know I have said this before, but our Cruise Talk Central site continues to grow in popularity. You have probably heard in the new recently about the lady that went overboard on the NCL Dream Ship. Well, yesterday Suzanne wrote a blog article about the incident. It has been a popular post in terms […]

158th Website Relaunched

Sorry for having been mostly silent lately, but I have been hard at work relaunching my America’s Army clan site, The 158th Regimental Combat Team. Our clan has used the same basic site design for the last 18 months. It was time to do something different. I spent the last couple months coming up with […]

The Past Weekend

Whew, what a busy weekend – or at least it seemed like it. I thought I had finally put all of Suzanne’s vacation questions/issues to bed for the upcoming Alaskan cruise on the Celebrity Mercury. We booked our airfare, hotel and transfers to and from the cruise ship. We booked our excursions for the cruise. […]

Website Moves

I recently made the decision to move my websites (four in production with fifth in planning) to a new host and new server. This decision didnt come easily. I wasnt really all that happy with the current host. They ( had gone through many rough areas. I had been with them for about 15 months. […]

Cruise Talk Central Gets Face Lift

Wow, didnt know it had been two days since I posted 🙂 I guess time flies when you are having fun. I have been tied up with changing/improving the way Cruise Talk Central looks. I have a bunch of things I want to do and the current layout was cramping my style and taking things […]

Website Development Work

I havent had much time to really do a post lately. I have been very busy on some of my website and php projects. Everyone thinks its strange that a 42 year old Senior Manager comes home from work and codes until he is ready to fall asleep, which is usually pretty late. I probably […]

Cruise Talk Central Adds Forums

You may remember that we recently relaunched Cruise Talk Central as a blogging site for Suzanne to chat about cruising. The site is also a good site for the latest news from the cruising industry. We have now added an initial set of forums for talking about cruising. Depending on how much activity those forums […]

Suzanne’s Cruise Talk Blog

If you havent yet checked out Suzanne’s Cruise Talk Central site about cruising, now might be a good time. She has just posted a review and photos of her 2nd cruise on the World Renaissance way back in 1978. The photos themselves are a good laugh just to remember back to the old days. Of […]