Lions Fan Site

With the upcoming NFL season, I need to make a decision about my Detroit Lions fan site. I really like the site and really like talking about my favorite NFL team, the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately, as one can see by looking at the site, I haven’t made a post since late June.

This isn’t from lack of interest but simply a lack of time. I did a lot of posting during the last season and the first couple of months into the offseason. But mostly, my time has been spent here on Mr Papa’s World and Cruise Talk Central, plus a few other miscellaneous sites I maintain. Throw in my work on the Simple:Press Forum plugin for WordPress and I don’t have much time.

I am contemplating abandoning the Lions fan site and just blogging about the Lions during the season here on Mr Papa’s World. I would really like to keep that site going, but it hasn’t garnered much attention but that’s going to be mostly due to my lack of attention. If anyone (Hi Tim!) wants to help out with the Lions site, just let me know. I probably won’t make any decision until around the start of the season.

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