McDonald Surname Upate to Genealogy

Today, I have uploaded another update to the Mr Papa’s World Genealogy research. The main focus of this update was to the surname McDonald. Suzanne’s Mother, Anne Pechuls, maiden name is McDonald.

The majority of this new information comes from Anne herself who kindly responded to a request for some information on her family which lead me to a bunch of info. This update still only goes back to Anne’s Grandfather and I still have some leads to track down, so hopefully, I can expand it further.

My list of leads is growing much longer than the time to research. This is fun stuff. If anyone else wants to participate in the research, just let me know. I would be happy to have some fellow researchers blazing backwards in history with me. Or, if you just have some information, please pass it along. One small piece of information could open up a tremendous amount of history.

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