Move To New Server Complete

Whew, I think the move to the new server is finally complete! I had some issues moving this time. My sites continue to gobble up bandwidth and I just keep running into issues with shared hosting, so I made the plunge on over to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It took a bit more work and hand wringing to the get the configuration right than on the shared hosts.

Anyways, I think we are back live with Mr Papa’s World. If you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Now, I just have to move the rest of my domains. Hopefully, it will be easier now that I think I know the recipe.


  1. Welcome back….sorry you have had so much trouble with hosting servers. My modest needs are still being met by Bluehost, but we will see as time moves on. I have been ill for the last 2 weeks….had the flu and strep (along with the rest of the family)… has really been quite disgusting! I don’t ever recall being this sick for this long.

  2. wondered what happened to ya… did you ever plan that cruise?

    pretty happy with the new host… this vps is great as is the complete root access… definitely some learning curve for me…

  3. No cruise this year…..need more time to prep/plan. We are heading to Destin instead.

  4. Just missing Florida too bad? winter blues in the North eh?

    have a good trip!

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