Stanley Cup

It’s Stanley Cup time in the NHL and my Detroit Red Wings are in it! This year, they happen to be playing the favorite team of a buddy of mine (Hi Paul!), the Pittsburgh Penguins. It should be a good series, but the Red Wings are on fire this playoff season since inserting Chris Osgood […]

Move To New Server Complete

Whew, I think the move to the new server is finally complete! I had some issues moving this time. My sites continue to gobble up bandwidth and I just keep running into issues with shared hosting, so I made the plunge on over to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It took a bit more work […]

Server Move

Okay, I have moved servers again… I was getting too many cpu exceeded errors on the old host… Hopefully, they are now a thing of the past… If you are seeing this post, you have arrived at the new server.

Help Choosing A Hosting Plan

One of the toughest decision for bloggers has always been where to host their blogs. Choosing a hosting company for your blogs has been one of trial and error or relying on the experiences of your friends. Well, we now have another tool in our arsenal for choosing a hosting company. There is a new […]

Site Issues

If you tried to visit Mr Papa’s World for most of today, you probably noticed that you couldnt actually get here. My host was having some hardware issues and it took some time to get resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. I had also hoped to post a digest of our recent trip to New Mexico, […]

Website Moves

I recently made the decision to move my websites (four in production with fifth in planning) to a new host and new server. This decision didnt come easily. I wasnt really all that happy with the current host. They ( had gone through many rough areas. I had been with them for about 15 months. […]