Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Site Update

I have upated and cleaned up the Klasen Family History on my genealogy pages. I am not sure I really updated a whole lot of information, but I upgraded the genealogy software to a newer version which presents a bit more information and its easier to navigate. Some incorrect info was removed and a few links were cleaned up. In addition, I completely rethemed the genealogy pages, so the look should be much nicer and crisper.

I hope to find some time to begin the research again and see if I cant delve into the Klasen Family History a bit more. There is currently more information on Suzanne’s side of the family than on mine.

If you wish to participate in some research, just drop me a note and we will see if we cant find some new information.


  1. I’ve been cruising through some of your very interesting articles that I must confess that I haven’t read before (for example, your introduction) and I have really enjoyed them. I’ll try to do better in the future.

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