My First Plane Wreck

What an eventful business trip this past week. This was a much better way to do the trip than the norm. Usually we go out on a Monday. It takes almost all day to get from Tucson to our destination in Florida with the plane change in Dallas and the time differences. We usually meet all day on Tuesday and then fly out Wednesday morning and stop back by the office when we arrive Wednesday afteroon. It makes for a tiring trip for one day of business.

This time, however, we planned on two days of meetings. We also had issues getting a flight out on Thursday, so our departure time wasnt until 1:30 pm on Thursday. This gave me time for 3 hours of beach time Thursday morning. It was a very nice way to wind down from the trip.

Our flight out of Floriday was delayed about an hour which made our connection in Dallas questionable. Upon landing in Dallas, we hustled to the gate and found them holding the plane for us. Wow, hadnt seen them do that in a while, but its another reason why I fly American Airlines whenever possible. As I was boarding the plane and walking through first class, I was almost thrown to the ground as the plane violently shook. There was a few shreeks and a few “What the he…”. I had never felt anything quite like that. Turns out a baggage cart driver had run into the plan with his baggage cart. He ran into the right wing/flag area. For about an hour, maintenance personnel and the Captain examined the wing before deciding to ground the plane. Personally, I liked the decision ๐Ÿ™‚

It took them about an hour to get us on a different plane and send us on our way to Tucson. So, I have had my first plane wreck. Better a plane wreck than a plane crash. 8)

On the family side, Sean’s baseball team moved to 4-0 when they won their last game on Wednesday 8-5. Sean was the catcher for the whole game and had two hits. This from a team that hadnt won a game the last two years.

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