Nashville Star

First, I am not a big fan of all the reality TV shows that are on now. However, Suzanne and the kids are big fans. In the interest of family time, I do watch a few of them with them. Being a big fan of Country music, I have always found Nashville Star to be a very enjoyable show.

In past seasons, Nashville Star has not been on the major networks. I thought the talent has always been very high, producing several current stars, such as Miranda Lambert. This year, the show moved to NBC giving it access to more viewers.

After the first couple of weeks, I have to really say the talent level is down this year. In past seasons, I thought the talent was better than the other singing show American Idol. This year, American Idol, in the few shows that I was forced to watch, blew away the singers on Nashville Star. Hell, most of the singers aren’t even singing Country songs.

It’s been pretty disappointing, especially compared to previous seasons. What the heck were the folks thinking when they picked these contestants? Were there no good singers that auditioned this year? And the lack of the contestants singing Country music really bothers me. And then, at the end of the show this week, they announce that next week Nashville Star goes Pop! Aaargghh!!! Tell me it’s not so!

These contestants are going to have to step it up or Nashville Star isn’t going to see another season – at least on a major network – which might actually be good. Not sure I can handle the salute to Pop next week though.

Thank goodness for Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen!


  1. The best talent to come out of American Idol so far is Carrie Underwood…a real country(pop) star. I have never seen Nashville Star. Karen can’t stand Chef Ramsay, so we don’t watch that either.

  2. Ramsay can be obnoxious, but being that my hobby is cooking, I love the show…

    Nashville Star has had some good talent in previous seasons, but even after week two, its hurting this year… There is one girl that shows promise, her name escapes me, so we shall see…

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