National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 1 Savannah

Savannah has completed her dance competitions for the day at the National Showstoppers West Coast Dance Finals. She had two routines today. I was able to watch them via the live webcast.

Savannah’s two dances today were in the Mini Small Group Recreational competition.

The first one was the Mini Small Group Recreational Character category for which they performed “Rocking with the Rhythm of the Rain”. Their performance earened them a Gold 1st Place. Depending upon the scores you receive from the judges, you either get a bronze, silver, gold or platinum place finish. With this routine, they were the overall 1st Place winner for the Mini Small Group Character category.

Savannah’s second dance was in the Mini Small Group Recreational Folkloric category for which they peformed their Polynesian Dance for “Ani”. Once again, they earned a Gold 1st Place. With this routine, they also were the overall 1st Place winner for the Mini Smal Group Folkloric category.

For the the overall Mini Small Group Recreational (all dance categories), the “Rocking with the Rythym of the Night” Character routine earned them an overall 9th place finish. They earned a score of 107.0 points. The winning routine scored 108.9, so they werent too far away. The “Ani” Folkloric Polynesian dance did not finish in the top ten for the Mini Small Group Recreational competition.

For her work thus far, she has two huge trophies (for Gold 1st Place) and 1 medal (9th Place Mini Small Group). Savannah still has one dance tomorrow and one more on Satruday.

Suzanne’s first dance is in the Senior Folkloric category where they will do a Flamenco dance. That dance will be later tonight. More after that dance. Feel free to tune in to the live webcast and enjoy it.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Congratulation to Savannah and her co-dancers–great job!


  2. Anne Pechuls says


    That should read — Congratulations!!!

    A job well done!


  3. Way to go Miss America!

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