National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 1 Suzanne

Suzanne completed her first day of dance competition late last night. Her one dance for the day was in the Senior Small Group Competitive in the Folkloric category. Yes, she was in the competitive class and not the recreational. I think this was because this group of dancers originally were in the teachers class due to the number of teachers on the dance team, but not that many teachers made the trip to Anaheim, so they moved them “down” to competitive class. It’s something like that.

The dance ended up being performed much later than planned. While Sean and I were watching the live webcast, he noticed that two of the three Folkloric dances being performed in the Senior Small Group Competitive where from the Alma Dolores International Dance Studio and had some of the same folks in it. The best part was his statement “Oh crud, we’re screwed”. He dutifully watched all of the dances yesterday.

Suzanne’s dance team did a very nice Flamenco dance to “Rosas Rojas”. Unfortunately, the other two dance routines in her Senior Small Group Folkloric categrory were even better. They earned a Gold 1st Place, but finished third. The other dance team from Ama Dolores International Dance Studio placed 1st.

Today will be day two and only Savannah has a dance routine. She will be competing in the Mini Large Group Recreational Lyrical/Modern category. Her dance team will perform “Masquerade” from “The Phantom of the Opera”. You can check out the live webcast at about 9:37 am.

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