New Americas Army Release

America’s Army is preparing to release the next version (2.6) of their wonderful PC game. This is not their long anticipated Overmatch release and thus will not add in drivable vehicles (most likely will be 2.7 release).

The new version will include two new missions:

Border: A small, sparse border village map where defense must protect intelligence and assault must get the vital information

Dusk: This is an Urban Assault styled city map with the added twist of a VIP rescue like in SF Hospital

You can read the complete details on the America’s Army Missions Page.

The new version boasts these features:


  • 2 new non-SF maps, Border and Dusk. (Dusk is a VIP mission, first since SF Hospital.)
  • New AA Master Browser System with all new server filtering options.
  • GameSpy is still supported in v2.6.
  • Lots of bug fixes, level fixes, exploits squashed, etc.
  • New Link-Up AA Master Browser system complete with new filtering options
  • New server option to disable all player shadows as an exploit fix/workaround

The exact releast date is unknown, but the my AA clan, The 158th Regimental Combat Team, is anxiously awaiting it’s release.


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