World of Warcraft Guild

My fun with World of Warcraft continues. I have gotten my main character up to a level 17 Shadow Priest. It’s a long ways to the top at level 70, but I am working my way there. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a new website. The new site is […]

Take Command Civil War Game Series

Heading into college, if I thought I could have made a living at it, I might have been a Civil War Historian. I was, and to a lesser extent, fascinated by that particular war. Like many, I used to play the old Avalon War type board games for hours. I played a lot of strategy […]

New Americas Army Release

America’s Army is preparing to release the next version (2.6) of their wonderful PC game. This is not their long anticipated Overmatch release and thus will not add in drivable vehicles (most likely will be 2.7 release). The new version will include two new missions: Border: A small, sparse border village map where defense must […]