New Laptop

Well, I finally broke down and bought a laptop computer. I have been wanting one for personal use for some time now, but could never justify the expenditure. I am not really sure that I did this time either, but never the less, I now have a laptop.

I envision using it on family trips and for easy computer access from various points around the house. Since we take a fair number of family trips, it will allow me to keep an eye on all of my websites when away from the house. For those long dance weekends, where countless hours are spent watching other parents’ kids dance, I can slip out and do some compute work until my kids are ready to dance.

Set up and installation of the laptop was a piece of cake and went off without a hitch. I must say I am pretty impressed with the Windows Vista that came on the laptop. It is a nice upgrade from Windows XP. That said, I don’t see spending the bucks needed to upgrade the 5 PCs scattered throughout the house. It’s not that much nicer.

In order to access my home network and the internet from the laptop, I also set up a wireless network. Previously, I had stayed with a wired network as I had multiple LAN drops wired into every room of the house when it was built. If I really want a mobile laptop, plugging it in wasn’t going to work. All of my PCs are still hardwired to the network but the laptop connects wireless. Setting up the network was also a piece of cake. I was worried about Vista and XP communicating with each other properly, but it turned out to be a non-issue.

The geek lives on…


  1. COOL! What did you get? I have 4 desktops in the house, 2 running Vista, 2 running XP. I also have 2 laptops…..1 running Vista and 1 XP. The only one hardwired is my main desktop in the office. The rest are running on Wireless-G network (although the kids computers are on older wireless B adapters).

  2. Went with a Dell… spent more time shopping this than most things… ya never know…

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