New MP3 Player

I finally received the new MP3 player on Tuesday. If you remember, I ordered the IRiver H10. It is a really nice player and works like a champ. Unfortunately, my Rhapsody to Go is not functioning correctly. I have used Rhapsody for quite a while to listen to music at work. Due to security constraints there, I cannot play CDs or such, so I have had Rhapsody playing in the background. When the MP3 player arrived yesterday, I upgraded to the Rhapsody to Go and immediately tried to stuff it with some music from there. Alas, I ran into an issue with getting to their DRM HTTPS site through my stupid Direcway proxy server. Not sure how much time I will spend on this since hopefully the crappy satellite service will be a thing of the past next week when my new wirless internet provider goes live. Their install was completed successfully on Sunday! Hooah!

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