Ping Pong

Suzanne and Savannah left for the Showstoppers dance finals today, so it was just Sean and I. We had been looking forward to a bit of father / son time especially some extended gaming sessions on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the replacement unit hasnt arrived yet, so we are out of luck.

We must have played 20 games of ping pong today instead. So at least we got a bit of excersise. Sean is still waiting for the day he can beat me in ping pong. I dont think its that far off as he improves every time. We both work up pretty good sweats since we keep the ping pong table in the garage and it was near 100 degrees again today in AZ.

Sean has also spent some time playing the original xbox while I have enjoyed some time with my 158th clan playing Americas Army.

Tonight, we plan to watch several movies and stay up late. Fun times…

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