I am still awaiting the release of Texas Hold Em for the Xbox 360. It’s supposed to be any day now. There is an Xbox 360 dashboard update coming next week, so it might be tied to that release. The kids and Suzanne have been getting into Texas Hold Em too. They are anxious to learn how to play and get good enough to hang with Grammy when she and the rest of the Klasen clan descend on our Sonoita home in early July for the little family renunion. We have been playing some poker on the weekends to help them get familiar. Of course, it will just be for fun. Its all about chips and not money.


  1. Looking forward to whooping you in Texas holdem. We have been practicing here in Florida. Better cash your check big spender.

  2. Oh yea, better believe it! Even Sean and Savannah are ready for ya!

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