Cruise Talk Central Gets Face Lift

Wow, didnt know it had been two days since I posted ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess time flies when you are having fun. I have been tied up with changing/improving the way Cruise Talk Central looks. I have a bunch of things I want to do and the current layout was cramping my style and taking things […]

Xbox 360 Texas Hold Em Poker

Hooah! Today is the release date for the Texas Hold Em poker game on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. This date has been a long time in coming. The original release date was back in February. A lot has changed since then too. The game was going to be free and supported by in […]

Texas Hold Em Poker for Xbox 360

Finally, the day is approaching! Next Wednesday, the 23rd of August, Texas Hold Em Poker for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Arcade will launch! In addition, Microsoft has announced on that for the first 48 hours it is available, the Texas Hold Em Poker game will be free. After that, the game […]

Xbox Live Arcade and My PC

Tonight has not quite gone the way I had planned. First, I planned to get in a quick couple rounds of America’s Army with my 158th clan mates. Then, I was going to play some Xbox 360 – in particular some of the new Xbox Live Arcade titles that are available. However, when I got […]

Nice Relaxing Day

Yesterday, the family had a nice, relaxing day. We had some poker and ping pong tournaments, and played a bunch of xbox 360 games with Tiger Woods Golf being the favorite. I have yet to win one of the poker tournaments but more to come. We also went to The Cove in Sierra Vista and […]

Late Night with Sean

Wow, good morning. Unfortunately, it came too soon. I think I need a summer vacation like the kids get from school. Sean is very much like me and loves to stay up late. With no school and it being a weekend, he wanted to stay up late gaming last night. I definitely am not as […]


I am still awaiting the release of Texas Hold Em for the Xbox 360. It’s supposed to be any day now. There is an Xbox 360 dashboard update coming next week, so it might be tied to that release. The kids and Suzanne have been getting into Texas Hold Em too. They are anxious to […]

Texas Hold Em Poker Craze

Well, its official now, the Texas Hold-Em Poker craze is in full swing. For the most part, I have not yet been caught up in this recent craze. However, I have found out that my Mother has. She plays on a weekly basis. It’s small stakes type stuff, not sure if it even costs her […]