Quick Family Update

Today, Sean started baseball practice. He is excited, but now has to decide when to play baseball and when to go to dance. Normally, he dances four days a week with only Wednesday off. It looks like baseball practice will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The number of days will go down when the season starts.

The hard part for him is that he still wants to dance. Luckily, his favorite night is Monday, so there is no conflict. It is also going to stretch Suzanne and I a bit thin. She still goes to Sierra Vista every weeknight for Savannah and her dance classes. Some days it will be tough to get him to practice and still get to dance on time. I will also have to be sure to be home in time to pick him up from practice on the nights he goes. Looks like the end of practice will be 6 or 6:30, so it shouldn’t be that big an issue for me.

The elliptical trainer saga continues to roll on. The replacement part for this new machine has arrived. Now we just need the technician show up to put it in. Hopefully, that will be later this week.

Our internet service has started to hiccup. About every 5 to 10 minutes it cuts out for about 30 seconds to a minute. We are trying to resolve with our provider but we haven’t been able to hook up yet. I think a recent windy day has caused the wireless antenna to be thrown out of adjustment from the transmission tower. About a week ago, we had a day with sustained winds of 40 mph for most of the day, with gusts up to 50 or 60 mph. The cut outs sure are aggravating.

Sean recently made the honor roll at school once again with the 3rd highest grade point average in the school. Savannah doesn’t get grades yet, but won the citizenship award for the grade.

The Rocky 2 and Rambo: First Blood movies have shown up so should be fun filled movie week.

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