This vacation sure has been nice – didnt I say that before?  Anyways, it would have been a bit nicer if the kids were off of school this week, but they dont get off until tomorrow.  Usually, we get a couple of weeks off together at the end of the year.  They actually get the first week of January off but I will be back to work.  We will both be off next week, but we will be travelling to Cloudcroft, NM for a few days in a cabin, so its not quite the same, but still fun.

Speaking of our trip to Cloudcroft, NM, they received about 8 inches of snow on Monday and Tuesday night and are expecting for this weekend.  This really has the kids excited.  They are going to try skiing for the first time. Plus, they dont get to just run around in the snow too often.  The dusting we the other day was gone in an hour, so it wasnt quite what they were looking for.

The Christmas shopping is done and the gifts are all wrapped – just waiting for the big night.  We got the Christmas cards out earlier this week and I just noticed today that Suzanne misspelled our name on the picture she includes with the newsletter.  She had me proof the newsletter for her, but forgot about the picture.  Luckily, she printed four pictures per page and only misspelled the name on one of the four.  Thus, 25% of you that get Christmas cards from us will get the misspelled name.  Sorry…

Tonight, is the Christmas program at the school.  Actually, its just Savannah’s for us.  Sean’s was last week.  These things are pretty silly and boring, but the kids enjoy them, so we go and it is fun to watch your kids.  Its just all the other kids where it drags.

I should have another genealogy update to Mr Papa’s World Family Tree out this weekend.  I continue to add some source documentation to the records that I have.  In addition, I have received some additional information from the McDonald family (Suzanne’s Mother’s side) on their information.  I also received a couple of emails from folks that found their name in my family tree and have sent me additional information and a few corrections.  This continues to be a fun research project.  I keep digging on the Klasen side, but thus far am coming up empty.  I sent emails to about a dozen folks that have Klasen in their family trees that correspond to ones in mine hoping to get more leads.  Thus far, all have come back negative saying that everything they know is in their tree.  In all cases, they arent really related to Klasen.  Its just a name or two on the periphery of their tree.

Looks like my Christmas gift, the Logitech Harmony 1000 remote, wont ship until the 27th of December.  I was hoping to have it to play with this weekend, but its not to be.  Hopefully, I should still have some time before I go back to work.

I believe that most of my website enhancements are done for now.  I am currently satisfied with what is on this site.  What do my readers think?  There’s got to be one or two of ya :silly:.  I am sure I will continue to tweak and evaluate new functions/capabilities that I could incorporate.  Lately, I have been helping a friend develop a couple of sites for him.  He’s keeping me busy, but it sure is fun.

Okay, well, enough for now.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! If not, then start! 😎


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