Random Thoughts

Wow, havent had a chance to blog in a while. Been tied up with work – major review coming up in two weeks. Also, been extremely busy making some significant upgrades to the 158th AA Clan website. Its a lot of fun but getting bed at 12 or 1 AM needs to change a bit.

The weather is already starting to heat up here in AZ. We got into the 90’s twice last week. And just think, a month ago we had snow on the ground. I hope the early heat isnt a sign of a wickedly hot summer coming our way. Already had one brush fire here in the area. They say its gonna be a very bad fire season in the Southwest this year.

Off on another business trip Monday morning. Darn just have to go check out the sandy beaches of Ft Walton Beach, FL. It’s really tough when you customer has a poor location like that. Guess I will be forced to stop by AJ’s Bimini bar too. It’s a short visit though – back home on Wednesday.

The cruise lines are supposed to release their 2007 schedules this month for Alaska, so should be able to start planning that family reunion cruise. Of course, the Mexico cruise this November is approaching – albeit too slow.

Later, for now…

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