Report Cards, Teacher Conferences, and High School Selection

Last Friday was a busy day as we had our parent teacher conferences with the middle school teachers and got the kids report cards. Sean had all A’s with a 4.05 GPA Gold Honor Roll. Savannah just missed Gold Honor Roll with a 3.9 GPA Silver Honor Roll. The teachers said that the 3.9 is excellent for a first semester middle school students. All the teachers were very complimentary on the kids work ethic and abilities. They all said that they push the kids to do even more because they are able to get their work done so quickly during class time.

After the conferences Sean and I headed out to one of the close by high schools to determine if that is where he wants to go to school next year. The close by district has a full size high school with about 500 students per class, and a smaller high school that limits enrollment to 235 students per grade. If they have more than that apply to the school they determine enrollment by lottery, but last year they only had 237 apply so they took them all. Each of the two school offers different extra curriculars and electives, but the smaller school is all laptop based so the students don’t have to haul around text books. Sean would rather go to the smaller school, but if he doesn’t get in he feels like the larger school is a good alternative. I liked the school and since they provide bus transportation from our area the location is good too. Sean’s current teachers want him to start honors classes next year, and both schools offer honors classes for Freshmen. He is pretty excited and though he’ll be checking out other schools, is pretty sure that he wants to go to one of these two.


  1. Great job guys. You can sure tell that both kids take after their grandmothers.

    We are really proud of Sean and Savannah. What great students.

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