Tooth Fairy Bonanza

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Sean. He has been in tooth fairy hell. Not because he has been having his teeth fall out, but because of the opposite.

Sean has been a wee bit upset of late because Savannah has been losing a lot of her baby teeth. Sean doesn’t like the fact that she has lost way more teeth than he has and he is almost two years older. Over the last couple of weeks, that has changed, but not exactly in the manner he had hoped for.

He recently went to the see orthodontist for one of his regular checkup visits. When the orthodontist took some x-rays, the he became concerned because Sean’s baby teeth appeared to be still firmly rooted and his permanent teeth were still trying to come in and take root themselves. It was getting too crowded in there.

The orthodontist and Sean’s dentist decided that he needed to have his 12 baby teeth pulled so the permanent teeth would come in correctly. Two weeks ago, he had the first six pulled and then yesterday, he had the other six pulled. While pulling one of the teeth yesterday, it broke and he had to do oral surgery to remove the pieces. A few stitches were the result. Perhaps I should have titled this blog “Tooth Fairy Hell”.

Sean has held up well during these two weeks. The first time, the first night was the worst. The pain was pretty bad and he had a bad night sleeping. By the second day he was pretty much back to normal with a little discomfort and some limitations on what he could eat. This time Suzanne got the dentist to give us some Tylenol 3 to give Sean the first night. It worked wonders as he really wasn’t in much pain and slept all night long.

His jaw is a bit sore this time from the surgery and stitches, but he should be back to normal tomorrow, though he will still be limited somewhat in the food he eats until everything has healed up. He sure is hoping the permanent come in soon, because being that he is now missing twelve teeth, there may be some things he can’t eat until then.

At least, he has some extra cash as the tooth fairy compensated him very nicely. Too nicely, but oh well… Never having had a single tooth pulled myself (yes, I still have my wisdom teeth), I can’t really relate.

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