Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 1

Yesterday was a pretty easy start ot our vacation. Since the true beginning destination of our vacation this year is in Rome, Italy, we have a good amount of traveling to do just to get there. Yesterday, we knocked out a couple of those hours and travelled to Dallas, TX. Suzanne’s parents and her sister and family live in Dallas, so we decided to leave a day early and travel to Dallas for an early Thanksgiving celebration with them prior to heading to Rome.

We got to the airport a couple of hours early yesterday, which in Tucson is real early, but Savannah wanted to have some fish and chips for lunch at one of the airport restaurants. So we enjoyed a leisurely lunch and a not too long a wait for our flight.

The flight to Dallas was perfect – uneventful with a ten minute early arrival. Brett and Anne picked us up at the airport. I am not sure what took longer – the flight to Dallas or the drive to their house in rush hour traffic. It wasn’t that bad, but having lived in Dallas area for almost 12 years, I certainly don’t miss the traffic.

After arrival at their house, Brett got busy preparing the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Suzanne’s sister’s family arrived and we had a very good meal together. The kids had some time to play with their cousins. Savannah introduced them to one of her favorite sites and many laughs were heard from the computer. We also did the group pictures.

It was about midnight before we turned in for the night in anticipation of continuing our journey to Rome today. We will have four days to enjoy Rome before our transatlantic cruise on the Celebrity Solstice begins and we start making our way back to the US. Having visited Rome 7 or 8 times on business, I was supposed to be the tour guide, but I suspect Suzanne has been off planning on the side.

Be sure to follow our travel exploits on this blog as I try to make a daily update of our Rome and transatlantic cruise. I will likely combine the next two days since most of the time will be enroute to Rome and their is a big time change.

We are off to a good start…

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