Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 14 – Atlantic Crossing Day 1

Yesterday was our first day at sea as part of our transatlantic crossing. It felt very nice to be able to relax and not have to go ashore in a port. Unfortunately, a head cold and cough had taken a hold of me. I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything so a day at sea was good timing.

I decided was going to stay in the cabin most of the day taking meds and trying not to cough on folks. It would also give me a change to watch movies for most of the day. I watched four movies during the course of the day. This new ship has a pretty good electronics system with HD widescreen monitors and hooked into a central system with a library of free movies. Among the movies I watched was the new Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation.

I did run out for a quick breakfast in the morning and then lunch in the early afternoon. After lunch I took a few laps around the track on the top deck to stretch my lefts before returning to the cabin for more movies.
For dinner, it was our second formal night of the cruise, so I had to man up and get dressed up for dinner. By the time I go my tux on, I was pretty tired from battle this head cold and cough. Because of the meds, I abstained from wine again last night.

At dinner, I opted for a simple marinated and grilled chicken breast. It was quite good. Sean went for the duck and Savannah went for the lamb chops. Both were quite happy. Suzanne had the Chef’s Special Sirloin Oscar. It was a sirloin steak stuff with crab meat and cheese and then with a lobster sauce. Unfortunately, she was not happy with the dish. She thought it was remarkably tough and more like chuck steak than sirloin. It was the first bad meal we have had on this cruise. Coincidentally, the Maitre d’ picked this night to stop on by and ask how things were going.

After dinner, none of felt like a show (which was a pianist) so we retired to the room to watch a movie except for Sean who went to the Teens Club. We went lights out about 12:15 am. But, one of the advantages of the westward bound transatlantic cruise is that we will gain one hour each night of the 6 day crossing to end up on East coast time. Getting an extra hour each night is good.

So far the seas have been pretty good to us. At lunch the Captain, the comedian he is, came on the PA and said that the weather about 50 nm away included 55 mph winds and swells of 20 feet. After a brief pause where folks exchanged worried glances, he stated that the weather was 50 nm to our North and since we were tracking southwesterly, it would present no problems for us. After seeing 6 – 8 foot swells yesterday morning, they decreased to about 4 feet in the afternoon.

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