Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 17 – Atlantic Crossing Day 4

Yesterday was the 4th sea day of the Atlantic crossing on this Celebrity Solstice transatlantic cruise. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the weather continues to just absolutely rock. Temperatures were in the upper 70’s with clear skies and continued very calm seas. After an early breakfast, I headed up to the […]

Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 16 – Atlantic Crossing Day 3

Yesterday was the 3rd sea day of the Atlantic crossing on our Celebrity Solstice Rome to Fort Lauderdale transatlantic cruise. It was another beautiful sea day with the weather nice and the seas once again calm. Looks like luck will continue to be on our side and we will have another transatlantic cruise without bad […]

Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 15 – Atlantic Crossing Day 2

Yesterday was the 2nd day of our crossing. The weather has continued to hold nicely with at most 6 foot swells. We did run through a couple of rain showers, but the Captain explained those as necessary because of budget cuts and he need to clean the outside of the ship. It’s really nice to […]

Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 14 – Atlantic Crossing Day 1

Yesterday was our first day at sea as part of our transatlantic crossing. It felt very nice to be able to relax and not have to go ashore in a port. Unfortunately, a head cold and cough had taken a hold of me. I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything so a day […]

Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 12 – Our First Day At Sea

Yesterday was our first day at sea – and a fabulous one it was. With four straight port days behind us, we were certainly looking forward to a nice relaxing day at sea. They tend to be our favorite days of a cruise. This was to be a precursor or the upcoming six days at […]