Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 18 – Atlantic Crossing Day 5

Yesterday was the 5th sea day of the transatlantic crossing on the Celebrity Solstice. Weather again proved to be our friend as the weather reached into the 80’s with a slight breeze and sunny conditions. The sea state remained minimal with maybe 4 foot swells. I know I sound like a broken record, but we couldn’t have asked for much better conditions on this cruise.

Warning, more broken record posting coming up… I spent most of the day on the Lawn Club here on Celebrity Solstice. Sean and I caught two hot glass shows and they continue to be very entertaining and enjoyable. Except for Savannah’s piece from the Kids’ Club segment, we have yet to win any glass. Sean wants one bad, but the odds are against him.

While on the Lawn Club, I also got my pre-requisite couple of hours of ocean staring. I also played several rounds of Bocce Ball with Sean.

Last night was also the last Formal night of the cruise. We got to put on our duds one last time. For dinner, Suzanne, Sean and I all had the Filet for dinner that was cooked to perfection and delicious. Sean also got one of the lobster tails that are synonymous with the final formal night on Celebrity Cruises. Savannah had short rib lasagna that she really enjoyed. We all partook in the traditional Baked Alaska for dinner.

After dinner, it was time for the big production number show. The shows have been a mixed bag for me on this cruise. We actually have not made it to many of them as they didn’t interest us. One of the big problems to me is the seating in the Solstice Theater. I find the seats pretty uncomfortable. They have a rigid back, which I normally prefer, but are angled such that you constantly want to slide lower and lower, almost out of the seat. The bottom part of the seat is also harder than I would prefer. Basically, for me, the seats detract from any show.

Last night’s production number also gets mixed reviews from us. It was billed as a circus style show, but certainly more like Cirque de Soleil, maybe on steroids. There were lots of oddities performed. Some were intriguing, some were too familiar. All seemed to go on too long. I wouldn’t say I was bored or anything, but it was less than I was hoping for. I was wanting a big Broadway style production show and the ‘circus’ didn’t measure up for me. Sean kind of felt the same as I did, but the girls liked it, especially Savannah.

After the show, we headed off to the cabin and turned in around midnight. All are starting to get a bit sad as tomorrow will be our last real day of the cruise with one final sea day before we arrive into Fort Lauderdale. As such, today will be my last blog update from the Celebrity Solstice. Since we are staying overnight in Fort Lauderdale (courtesy of Hilton), I will update on the last cruise day from the hotel.

I can certainly say this has been an awesome cruise!

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