Rosetta Stone

Now that the next cruise is booked, its time to start getting ready for it. The trip originates in Barcelona, Spain and ends in San Juan, Puerto Rico – both are Spanish speaking areas.

This past Christmas, as a gift, I got Rosetta Stone German. I occasionally go to Germany on business and have worked a little bit on trying to pick up the language. Lately, trips have gotten down to maybe one a year, so its been hard. I got the Rosetta Stone to help me along. I haven’t been working on it as much as I had hoped, but the software seems to be a pretty good tool for learning a language.

Now with the cruise, the whole family wants to learn Spanish so they can communicate better on the cruise. So, we have now purchased the Spanish edition of Rosetta Stone. All four of us have begun the lessons to learn the language. The kids really jumped in and did if for hours the first day we had it. It will be interesting to see if they stick with it and pick up Spanish prior to the cruise.

Personally, I had four years of Spanish language growing up, so a lot of it has been familiar. The pronunciation is still there, and some vocabulary too. Also, living in the Southwest, a lot of Spanish is spoken. I am far from conversant these days, but hope to get back to that point prior to the cruise.

Wish us luck in our studies!


  1. Great idea! Surely hope y’all can learn Spanish with this new program. It will not only be helpful on the trip but also with speaking to the Spanish speakers in your area.



  2. Sounds like you’re going all out for this trip and will be well-rounded.

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