Sean and Savannah Grades

Today was parent teachers conferences at school for Sean and Savannah. These are usually pretty easy and good events for us as we are lucky and both kids excel at school. :thumbs_up:

Today was no different, as they told us Sean once again made honor roll with a 96% (A) average grade for all his studies. He was a bit upset about a couple of the individual grades being a B, but overall pretty happy. Sean is in 5th grade. For both is B grades, he messed up pretty bad on one assignment and it really bit him. It appears to have resolved him to do better too. He was most pleased with his 100% score in computers. It could be he’s a geek in training like his Papa 😎

Savannah also received almost all E’s (Excellent) in her coursework. The teachers will tell you that an Excellent equates to an A. Being that she is in 3rd grade, they dont actually give out letter grades yet. That begins next year for Savannah.

The kids like this parent teacher conferences too because they dont have school. I think they have pretty much played video games all day. Savannah is starting to really like video games too.

Anyways, another good report on the kids from school…


  1. Hurray to our leaders of tomorrow. Great job!

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