Sean and Savannah Qualify for Math Counts Competition

A couple of days ago the kids middle school held a math competition for the students to see which students would get to go to the regional Math Counts competition.

Sean competed last year and placed fourth in the region if my memory serves me right. This was Savannah’s first attempt at the Math Counts competition. It is both a team (the school) competition and an individual competition. The top finishers get to advance to the State level competition.

Since Sean is already taking high school math and competed last year, we figured he would do well again. And he did, finishing first in the school on the test. In fact, he set a new record high score in school history. He will be the team captain for the school in the competition.

Savannah also did well on the test and qualified for the B team. In the team competition of Math Counts, only the A team competes. However, the B team gets to compete in the individual portion of the competition.

So, congratulations to both Sean and Savannah and good luck at the Math Counts competition.


  1. Way to go!


  2. Sean qualified for the State Math Counts competition which happens next week.

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