MathCounts Competition

This weekend, Sean was able to compete in the Arizona state MathCounts competition. He earned the right to compete by finishing 2nd in the regional competition. Mathlete is what they call the kids who compete. Lol, not sure how accurate that moniker is but its cute. After registration, they kicked all the coaches (yes, mathletes […]

Sean and Savannah Qualify for Math Counts Competition

A couple of days ago the kids middle school held a math competition for the students to see which students would get to go to the regional Math Counts competition. Sean competed last year and placed fourth in the region if my memory serves me right. This was Savannah’s first attempt at the Math Counts […]

Sean Qualifies For Math Counts Competition

Over the last couple of weeks, Sean has been taking a series of tests at his school in an attempt to qualify for the school team competing in the Math Counts County competition. The competition is open to teams with students in grades 6 – 8. Earlier this week, we received word that he had […]