Sean Broke His Foot

Monday morning during PE Class, Sean rolled his foot on the basketball court while playing capture the flag. It was hurting him when I picked him up from school, but he was still able to walk on it. I sent him to football practice, but after about a 1/2 hour the coach noticed that he was limping way too much. We thought it was a severe bruise at that point, so we treated it by icing it down.

When we didn’t see any improvement after nearly 48 hours, so we decided to take him in for an X-Ray. Sure enough, it was a small bone chip on the side of his foot. They gave us some crutches and we then took a trip over to the Orthopedic Doctor to get him fitted with a walking boot.

We see the orthopedic doctor again in three weeks. He will wear the walking boot for the next few weeks to support the foot while it heals. He doesn’t have to sleep in it. His first football game isn’t scheduled until Sept 12th. I don’t expect him to play in that game but we are hoping for a quick healing and a chance for him to play in the game on the 19th or the first week in October. That might give him a chance to play in at least some of the games. He will still be going to practice and helping out the team in any way he can. That way the season won’t be a total loss.

Now we just have to figure out how to get him in decent shape for the season with out the 4 weeks of conditioning. We plan do some weight training on the Bowflex.


  1. Poor Sean. How brave and strong he is to not even know that he had broken a bone. He has had his share of bumps, bruises and breaks. (sounds like a good song title) Give him my best wishes.

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