Sean Qualifies For Math Counts Competition

Over the last couple of weeks, Sean has been taking a series of tests at his school in an attempt to qualify for the school team competing in the Math Counts County competition. The competition is open to teams with students in grades 6 – 8. Earlier this week, we received word that he had qualified for the team at Elgin.

There will be 8 kids on the Elgin team. Sean actually qualified 5th in the school. The rest of the team is made up of 8th graders. He was the only sixth or seventh grader to make the team.

On Friday, the team will travel to Sierra Vista for the County competition. The competition is about a three hour competition where the teams solve math problems. There are a bunch of different rounds of competition. In some of the rounds, the students answer the questions independently, but the teams score is the aggregate of the individual scores. In other rounds, the students work as a team to solve the problem. Some rounds are timed where the fastest correct answer is worth more. Should the team do well, they could qualify for the State competition or even the National competition.

Sean is very excited, but also worried that the problems will be 8th grade problems. He already works on his own in math and is well into the 7th grade advance math curriculum. Tomorrow, his math teacher is going to work with him on some 8th grade concepts to help him prepare for the competition.

I will let you know how the competition goes…


  1. How exciting for Sean!

    Good luck!

    ~Grandmother and Grandpop

  2. What an honor. What an experience. What a smart young man. He must take after his father.

    I’ll be thinking of you Sean.

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