Sean Scores His First Points

Sean scored the first points of his basketball career tonight as he made two shots for a total of four points.  As it turns out, that was half the points his team scored tonight as they went down to defeat 32 – 8.  Wow, living in a rural area is proving to be tough on the sports records.

His first score came on a rebound. He was able to grab the rebound and immediately go back up with it and get the basket.  The second bucket came on a shot from the free throw line and hit nothing but net. He was pretty pumped tonight about scoring.

Since we are leaving next weekend on the cruise to Mexico, he has only one game left in the season this coming Wednesday.  He will miss the last two games of the season.  Six game seasons still seem pretty short to me, but then again, I dont remember playing sports for the school when I was in 5th Grade.

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