Sean Starts Basketball

As if Sean isnt busy enough lately, he is now playing basketball for his school. His school actually is K – 8 and the boys basketball team is for 5 – 8. Sean is in 5th grade. They actually break down the team into three teams (A, B and C). It really could be by age as A is really for 8th grade, B is for 7th grade and C is for 5th and 6th grade. It is possible to play at a higher level than your grade/letter.

I tried to get Sean interested earlier in basketball but he wasnt interested until a couple of months ago. That’s when he started playing for the school. He has been really enjoying the practices and learning the sport. It was always my favorite growing up, so I am anxious to help him out. Football is still his true love though.

Tonight was their first game of the season. Most of the other small, rural schools they will be playing dont even have a C team. When that happens, like tonight, the C team joins the B team. Actually, only one school they play this year will have a C team. It seems to be a good opportunity for the 5th graders to learn the game before actually getting to middle school. The Elgin Eagles (Sean’s Team) lost tonight by 1 point. The final score was 17 – 16. The kids play four quarters of 5 minutes.

I was unable to attend the game as it had a start time of 3:30 pm. With an hour drive to the game, I would have had to leave work at 2:30. Plus, with the B and C teams combining for the game, I didnt really expect Sean to see any playing time. However, Suzanne reports that he played a few minutes in each half of the game. He didnt score, but took a couple of shots that were close and didnt commit any fouls. Sounds like a pretty good first game.

Next Monday is the game against the school with a C team. Guess I am going to have to try to figure out how to get out of work early that day. Its going to be hard as Wednesday is a major program review at work. Oh, the challenges of being a parent.

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